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I Can Do Anything Now I’ve Climbed the Sock Mountain

Sock - Finished

First ever sock complete!!!

I even successfully kitchenered the toe, how cool is that? I had to refer to the net (see link below)for the ankle shaping because I didn’t quite get what Elizabeth Zimmerman meant by knitting up the side of the heel flap. This How-To site at Knitters Review seems to have excellent instructions on the basics of sock knitting, so I think you could easily follow it and get a decent sock, you don’t need EZ’s book.

I’m also trying out something with my quilting. Not sure if it has potential yet, but I will persist a bit more:

I’m using watercolour at the moment, and I had trouble controlling the ‘bleed’ so it looks pretty crumby, but I have plans to cover the background areas in acylic paint and stiching so it shouldn’t be a problem.

I blogged about these pods back in September (I think), I’ve been drawing them and looking at them ever since and I really wanted to make a quilt based on them because I love their shape so much.

I penciled the shapes onto the fabric then sewed the outlines in black thread. I even found I could get excellent detail/drawing by looking at the pod whilst sewing. My only fear is that I will sew my fingers (done that before) so I can only do this for small areas, I did it for the stalk ends and the tips of the pods.

Riscy is in the ‘negotiation’ stage of the car buying project. Looks like we will have a black Nissan X-Trail in a few days. Black was not a colour we wanted, but that’s the one they are offering the discount on. Continue reading

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