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Here Fishy Fishy Fishy


I like the ‘water’ stitching. The fish started out as a scrible that looked sorta fish shaped, so I gave him a big eye, better fins and painted him up.

Riscy and I are car shopping today. His 1988 Honda Civic has finally died. Its about three years since the head gasket blew for the second time. He nursed that Honda for all these years, saving his pennies in anticipation of the day she would ‘go no longer’. That day arrived just before Christmas when the crack in the radiator got so big he could no longer rely on the putty and a prayer fix (seriously, PUTTY!!)

The good thing about the slow death of said Honda is that Riscy has enough moola to just go and buy a new car. We have a debt aversion. Now I have test driving fatigue though so luckily we are narrowing our options down.

On other news:

The knitting isn’t as dense as I would like but I only have one set of DPNs and they are 3.75mm. Ideally I should be using 3-3.25mm needles for this yarn.

The yarn is the stuff I spun over Christmas. Mostly good, but it has patches of low twist. I’m a little baffled. I’ll probably discard those bits if they look crappy knitted up. Continue reading

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