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The Resolution

Yeah Baybe!!

A quiltlet. Ink and watercolour and STITCHING 7.5cm x 12.5cm. Yeah Baybeee!

The Resolution: Get back to the stuff that floats my boat… the stitch, quilting, embroidery, fabric and colour.

The sewing machine is out on the table, the workroom is reasonably clean (There is floor space at least). I just started stiching a shape getting back into the groove of my wonderful sewing machine who I neglected for too too long. Then I blobed a few lines of left over watercolour from the piece below across the stiching and it sort of appealed.

I didn’t want to sew through wet stuff so I started on a clean patch of my scrap quiltlet, meandering lines, alternating bobbin and top threads on top.

I cropped it all to suit and there was a bit of the watercolour from before at the bottom of the ‘frame’ Then I got my nib and started marking the surface, the first lines were really thick, but I found that the stich created a barrier and I could get some interesting lines. I got better at controling the line, I used water colour with the nib, I watered down the ink and got smudgy lines. I waited til the piece was mainly dried then added more stitching.

So much learning in half an hour, just me, my machine and a tiny little scrap of fabric.

I did a warm up piece shown below. I’m thinking I’ll do more of these as loosners and keep the good ones to make into a booklet that I can browse through. Sort of like Tom Judd, but perhaps only 20 of my best pages for the year or something so I’m not under pressure to produce decent stuff everyday.

No Artifice

No Artifice. Ink, watercolour and pastel on paper. 16.5cm x 12cm

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