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A Welcome Cocktail Hour

I blocked the lace this afternoon and safety pinned the ‘arms’ up so I could judge its suitablity as a shrug:

I am thinking that it will work AND I wont have to knit cuffs since the edges have a lovely picot effect from my shoddy blocking… this deletion also means it would be easier to re-convert it into a scarf at a later date! Geez I’m smart LOL

We only had to work a half day today. Well actually, most people didn’t work, they were mainly trying to overcome the effects of our boozy work thing last night. I had my last day with the space cadet grad I’ve had to endure for the last 6 months.

I had started to think maybe I’d over-reacted, or misjudged. but no. He proved today that he was a complete moron when I sent him to measure the width of some driveways and he couldn’t cope when the sides weren’t well defined, he just kept on walking up the shoulder, he was well off up the road before I realised and had to call him back. And he walked out in front of a car. This bloke fell asleep in a (short) meeting on his first day with us, and things never improved.

I could rant on all day about his fuckwittery but I think you get the idea.

Thank the gods – Its the cocktail hour. I’m enjoying a nice cool glass of New Zealand Savignon Blanc, very welcome, since it is still boiling hot. May indulge in some Bailey’s later.

I still haven’t organised any food for Christmas, I’ll go for a mosey down the street tommorow morning. I’m thinking prawns, oysters, salmon and maybe a huge big thick filet steak (I like it rare YUM).

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