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Orange Lace Crossroads

I could probably make this into a reasonable length scarf with the remaining yarn in this ball and the other (smaller) skein I spun, but the idea of converting this into a shrug is quite intriguing and even a little scary since I don’t know what I’m doing. It is only a vaugue idea based on my experince knitting two One Skein Wonders.

I’ll resolve it soon though, since I’m on a roll.

The sky has been fascinating here recently. I wish I could show you ALL the photos I have been taking as the clouds have been mesmerising. Here is one:

I love photographing my roses, here was one I took on the same night as the above cloud photo.

This is much more yellow than a previous photo I posted from this variety. It is faded and nearly blown, but quite beautiful nonetheless.

Riscy is now in Tasmania and I’m batching it for a week. When he comes back we will go car shopping. His 1988 Honda Civic is DEAD, he has been nursing it for 3 years since the head gasket blew and now the radiator has cracked right across, a wound that no amount of super putty is going to heal. The good thing is that over the years he has been saving up like crazy and now has enough to buy a virtually new car. It’ll probably be a Subaru Forester so we have enough room to pack camping gear, the dog and put a kayak on the roof 🙂

Talking about kayaks, Riscy and his dad Jeff are taking a Dusky Bay double out tommorow for a spin. We paddled one of these in Fiji for a day and I found it really comfortable and fast, but Riscy found it too cramped in the cockpit for his long legs. I think he is hopeful that modifications can be make it work for him. We will probably get a kevlar one so we can more easily lift it onto the roof of a car. We tossed up for a while between a double or singles, but I like being able to chat away to Riscy through the day and as he is a VERY strong paddler so singles might have been a bit ‘inequitable’. Continue reading

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