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My Spinners and Handweavers Guild met for a Christmas lunch today. Pot Luck style. I cooked a potato fritatta using a recipe from Stephanie Alexanders Cooks Companion which I bought on the weekend. I can tell this will be a much used recipe book. It is all encompassing at 1100 pages it even has a chapter on parsnips LOL. I did tweak the recipe to include some moroccan spices, dill, and since I didn’t have spinach handy I threw in some frozen peas and beans (I’m not a gourmet!). It was even tastier than I imagined it would be.

We did a KrisKringle present exchange which was meant to be worth around $5. This was the gift I gave:

Robina picked it, and she seemed pleased 🙂

We had our long awaited meeting with the architect today and we are very pleased with our progress so far. He has based the colour scheme on some funky greeny bluey floor tiles which have coloured glass embedded in them.

So our renovated interior will be greeny/blue/gray. Which Riscy particularly likes. I’m going to accessorise with orange though!! I had to veto the initial light yellow splashback tiles and pale yellow walls though. I do NOT like yellow and blue together, just too kitchy marine themeish, if you get my drift.

The carpet colour (which is not decided on) is pretty far out. A dark Teal…. I’m thinking it will be too dark. especially given our dark blue couch, our dark redgum dining table and all our other dark timbered furniture! AND our dog is white and orange, this could be a real dog hair disaster!

This is fairly basic redecorating/refitting project and we could have done all this ourselves and saved money. But, we have discoved this about ourselves since we bought our house 4 years ago – we don’t like DIY. It is a wonderful thing to realise this and let go of all that weekend angst. It isn’t for us.

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