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This scan doesn’t accurately represent the metalic parts of this assembly, but I quite like the effect I get here anyway. I cut up and painted (then rubbed) the edges of foil BBQ trays.

I am taking a printmaking workshop this Saturday. I had planned to preprepare collograph plates and really USE my time at the press. But the enthusiasm waned and I didn’t start anything ’til tonight and I’m not happy with what I have done.

But I was playing around with some aluminium foil which is a beautiful and delicate material, then remembered that I had cut up a heap of BBQ trays to use the bottoms for inscribing and printing (which reminds me, I must find them so I can take them over to the workshop)

I had saved the crinkled edges of the trays and cut them roughly into squares. Tonight I discovered that I can unfurl the tightly curled edges and I really liked the patterns… so the above thing is a result of that play. I like play.

I am getting phyched about the big wall piece I want to do. I’m thinking that I will get the layout onto the paper then pin it to my dining room wall and work on it insitu. Riscy might have other ideas LOL, but he’s going to Tasmania for Christmas, so I can do what I want (mwhaaa mwhaaaaa haaa hhhaaa)

I am currently reading a transcript of an interview with Rosalie Gascoigne, recorded in 1998 the year before she died. The LRG owns one of her pieces which is made of old road signs. It is quite spectacular when lit as the material is retroreflective. (this means the work loses about 85% of its zing in reproduction, which is why I think it strange that it is featured on a huge banner hanging on the building!!)

Gascoigne, seemed to have led an isolated existance from the time she landed in Australia (from New Zeeland) living on the outskirts of Canberra and having difficulty making friends with the other women in her small community. Loneliness seems to have forced her to start creating. She came to prominance in her mid to late 50’s!!! You don’t have to be a child prodigy to be good. (thank goodness)
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