Daily Archives: November 29, 2005


These charcoal and pastel pieces remind me of reflections you can get on road surfaces at night when it is wet. I also scratched and errased the surface, taking the top layer of the paper off in some locations. I really like the effect.

I have not recovered from my weekend. Today I was such a zombie at work I left a noon and slept most of the afternoon. I’m tired again now, so I think my body is in major protest about the shinanigans on the weekend.

At least I’m in a better situation than Kate who flew back to the US on Sunday night and was back at work today. She’s a ski instructor in Utah. I think she is gonna do it tough for a few days.

The wedding was lovely. Chelsea’s fella is a really nice bloke and I think they will have a great time together. The effort she put into planning the event really paid off and it was a terrific day.

I was also pleased to spend some time with my sister Megan and her family, including my nephew Jacob 🙂 He has grown so much and is starting to say a few words, he is making eye contact much more now which is a credit to Megan and Brett and their patience and love. Continue reading

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