Daily Archives: November 28, 2005

I’m Back

I’ve been up since 4am, but awake for way longer since my flight was at 6am … you know, when you need to wake up really early and you are afraid you will sleep through the alarm so you wake up every 15mins all night long. I actually mistakenly booked the flight that early (on the net)and the lesson is now learned.

So I’m not in any fit state to blog intelligently tonight. Except I want to say that I was exceptionally lucky today to get a tour of the State Library of Victoria from Greg, an old aquaintance from my time at Jane Franklin Hall at the University of Tasmania. He works in the manuscripts section… how cool is that. I really REALLY enjoyed the exhibition called Lost and Found. The work of two artists who undertook residencies at the Library. I’ll do links and stuff tommorow. Continue reading

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