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A little bit of art, a little bit of Cricket

I also decided to try out the Hahnemuhle paper for relief printing. As mentioned before, it is a soft paper with a fair amount of texture.

This is an image taken from a magazine. I almost wouldn’t count it for ClaArProMo because it looks too much like a tracing, but desperate times call for desperate measures… besides, I added my own bit by including the torn edge as part of the image.

Then I wanted to try out my 300gsm Hahnemuhle Paper.

So the verdict on the Hahnemuhle is that it is good for the sort of monoprinting I am doing, both weights pick up the line very nicely. I can develop my technique further to really control the shading and experiment with differnt implements for making lines. I think I’ll always get a very texured effect because of the paper. I’m glad I tried the Arches Hot Pressed paper though as I know I can get a very fine image using it… I’ll have to save up though LOL

Whist working at the dining room table today I also half listened to the cricket. Australia is playing a test match against the West Indies at Belerive Oval in Hobart. I love watching cricket at that oval because it still has a grassed area for spectators to sit on. Much better than sitting in an uncomfortable grandstand all day.

Riscy threw all my junk into my work room on Friday so it is now a very uninviting place to work… It’s a fine line for me. I can’t work in clutter, but I hate to clean, a catch 22 which causes me to spread my stuff through out the house.

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