Daily Archives: November 19, 2005


Never linocut when tired or under the influence of a glass of wine because mistakes will be made and tears will be shed.

So, I decided to do some little paintings.

Riscy’s foot seems to be getting worse, it is still swollen and puffy and bruised down near the heel. He even used the crutches again this morning. It didn’t help that he cleaned the house and cooked for our little dinner party last night. I feel pretty bad now that I didn’t step in and take over. But the kitchen is his domain really and he was in charge. He needs to learn some delegation skills, something I have no trouble with LOL.

So to make up, I was in charge today. I even ground the coffee and percolated it for him (I’m a tea drinker and it has all been a mystery to me ’til now). I also did a bacon and egg breakfast and cooked a lamb curry for dinner 🙂 It was so tender, probably a combination of the good meat from the butcher and my simmering it all for an hour. I’m gonna have to eat some veges tomorrow LOL. Continue reading

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