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Ink Drawing – Branches

I am dead tired, but wanted to share today’s creative endeavour with you. I love looking at stylised vegetation in rug design etc, and I’ve been meaning to do some of my own for some time.

We finished watching The Tracker tonight. It is a film set in 1922 – it depicts a police party tracking a fugitive aboriginal. Using an aboriginal tracker, they weave their way through a raw, dry and breathtakingly beautiful landscape. A film of violence (although not depicting violence in the normal way), it is also about revenge, growth into manhood and, most importantly, it reminds us of a not so distant past in my country where aboriginal people were hunted and killed. Where aboriginal people were herded onto ‘missions’. Where children were ripped from their mums and dads and family groups.

On another note, if you sometimes struggle for a way to start being creative then you should check out Keri Smith’s blog Wish Jar Journal. She has posted a pdf of her 100 ideas to aid journal work. It could be a good way to kick start your creativity. I’m going to try it on days when my brain just isn’t in gear and I can’t think of anything worth creating.

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