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Paper Paper Everywhere

As indicated above, the PAPER has arrived. As expected, there is HEAPS of it. As feared, the Dutch Etching Paper is not as smooth as I need to pick the detail on my monoprinting plates. I’m gonna try the Hahnemuhle when I next monoprint. It is such a soft paper and I think it might press nicely into the plate, even though it is rough textured.

The roll of drawing paper is monumental, almost as tall as me and 10m long! I have big plans for this baby, but after ClaArProMo I think. I want to do BIG charcoal drawings and I expect they will take me a considerable time to complete.

The new ink I bought (graphics brand?) is so much better than the Speedball brand I was previously using, it gives much better coverage of the plate because (I suspect) it has more pigment.

And check this out, 36 brushes for $10.

They are exactly the same brushes we used at school (although the last formal art education I encounted was in grade 7, so it is really no recommendation), they will be my ‘knockabout’ brushes, to be used and abused, but not for any sort of detailed work I imagine.

I may have difficulty producing art tommorow night, we are having friends over for dinner. The house is a mess. I’m too tired to clean tonight, so I’ll have to do it before work tommorow.
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