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Books on the Edge

The workshop I took at Geelong was called Books on the Edge – That Ain’t a Book! by Marianne Little and Gail Stife.

We actually did do traditional book binding as well, coptic and celtic etc. But my main interest was to explore materials and tools I’d never used before:

I just took some photos of my work, they aren’t the best, but I hope you get the idea :-):

The family peeking over the book is my sister and her family, must have been taken about 3 years ago, as her baby is now a 4yo handful! Continue reading

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I just returned (a few days ago) from the Geelong Textile Fibre Forum. It truely was a wonderful experience, I made many new friends (I knew nobody at the start of the week), I learnt alot and I’m inspired to create.

I took a workshop called ‘Books on the Edge’ taught by Gail Stiffe and Marianne Little. I’m pleased with what I produced through the week and I’ll post photos in my next post.

I was so tired on the last day, I had to pull off the freeway on the way home for a nap. Fatigue is a huge cause of road crashes and the message has gotten through to my head… Safety message for the day: If your eyes feel gritty, you are having trouble staying alert, do yourself, your family and other road users a favour and pull over for a 15-20min nap. You can fall asleep for a mini second on the road and I’ll be all over.

I spent SO much money at the forum, the biggest purchase being a felt hat made by by May Hvistendahl from Norway. I don’t know where I’ll wear it, but at the price I paid, It’ll be as often as possible 🙂 Considering the scandal I caused at work yesterday by wearing orange ‘above the knee’ stockings with a short skirt (which I’ve worn to work many times), I don’t think I could wear it there LOL.

I was much more classic today, wearing a green straight skirt I bought from an opp shop for 50c and a length of fabric made of silk and metal (very yummy, another forum purchase from Beautiful Silks, unhemmed) as a wrap… I was even told I looked more professional today by my manager, I laffed at him, if orange socks is all it takes to be ‘unprofessional looking’ then he is a bigger dick than we all think!

I’ve got a new direction with my art (which has been stagnating for six months), I’ll talk about it more when I really get going with it.

Cheerio for now. Continue reading

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