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I just returned (a few days ago) from the Geelong Textile Fibre Forum. It truely was a wonderful experience, I made many new friends (I knew nobody at the start of the week), I learnt alot and I’m inspired to create.

I took a workshop called ‘Books on the Edge’ taught by Gail Stiffe and Marianne Little. I’m pleased with what I produced through the week and I’ll post photos in my next post.

I was so tired on the last day, I had to pull off the freeway on the way home for a nap. Fatigue is a huge cause of road crashes and the message has gotten through to my head… Safety message for the day: If your eyes feel gritty, you are having trouble staying alert, do yourself, your family and other road users a favour and pull over for a 15-20min nap. You can fall asleep for a mini second on the road and I’ll be all over.

I spent SO much money at the forum, the biggest purchase being a felt hat made by by May Hvistendahl from Norway. I don’t know where I’ll wear it, but at the price I paid, It’ll be as often as possible 🙂 Considering the scandal I caused at work yesterday by wearing orange ‘above the knee’ stockings with a short skirt (which I’ve worn to work many times), I don’t think I could wear it there LOL.

I was much more classic today, wearing a green straight skirt I bought from an opp shop for 50c and a length of fabric made of silk and metal (very yummy, another forum purchase from Beautiful Silks, unhemmed) as a wrap… I was even told I looked more professional today by my manager, I laffed at him, if orange socks is all it takes to be ‘unprofessional looking’ then he is a bigger dick than we all think!

I’ve got a new direction with my art (which has been stagnating for six months), I’ll talk about it more when I really get going with it.

Cheerio for now. Continue reading

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