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20 Things About Me

I was tagged by Dijanne:

20 things about me

1. I am a Tasmanian but I now live on the mainland.
2. I am a civil engineer
3. We are about to renovate our house
4. I do not want to get married. I have known this since my late teens.
5. I love romance novels, I have since my early teens :-0
6. I like to read other stuff too. I am currently reading the biography of John Monash.
7. The book I have read the most times is Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin
8. I have been ‘into’ textiles and fibre for a long time, but more intensely since my 4th year of University. My flatmate made a huge needlepoint rug. I did a few needlepoint cushion covers. We followed patterns in a book she had which used Celtic motifs
9. I decided to ‘be an artist’ early this year. My creativity has decreased because it is hard to find my own path.
10. I have had a photo of one of my quilts published in Australian Quilters Companion. I felt guilty because I don’t subscribe to the magazine and haven’t bought an issue since.
11. I met my partner at an Engineering Society Cocktail Party at University. We were very drunk. We have been together pretty much ever since.
12. I am an agnostic verging on athiest. I was bought up christian, I didn’t change because I hated christianity, I just didn’t believe the story anymore.
13. I lost 24kg a few years ago
14. I have put about 5kg back on. I have very little willpower around food. So much of it tastes so bloody good.
15. My favourite foods are vegemite on toast and Oysters, natural.
16. My natural hair colour is mouse brown. I colour it dark brown.
17. I was bought up by my dad.
18. I lived in Vietnam for 6 months in the mid 90’s
19. I was an excellent recorder player as a teenager. I also played the trombone.
20. I try to get 8 to 9 hours sleep every night.

I know that I’m meant to tag others but I’m sure almost everyone I know did the ‘100 things about me’ meme…. except CAROL!!!
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