Daily Archives: September 18, 2005

Nearly There

Kiri is finished and blocking. No full shot photos til then, but here’s a glamour shot to tide you over.

Another day, another gallery opening. Geez life is tough LOL. Cowwarr Art Space is hosting a travelling exhibition of works by Jim Thalassoudis. His paintings are of the sky; cloud formations, dramatic sunsets and bushfire affected heavens. I enjoyed the works immensely.

I also had the chance to meet Stephen Gallagher who I mentioned yesterday. I am sad to say I had a go at him about his lack of web presence, sorry about that Stephen. He tells me he is going to create some larger scale works using bigger mesh. I look forward to seeing what he comes up with!

Stephen informed me of an exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria called Everlasting – The Flower in Fashion and Textiles 26 August 2005 – 2 April 2005. Sounds like Riscy and I will need to plan another Melbourne weekend excursion.

And to round this post out, here is a photo I took this afternoon of a Four O’Clock* folding up for the night:

This is what Riscy’s mum calls them. I think they are californian poppies though. Continue reading

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