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Well, to motivate myself to finish Kiri, I’ve purchased the One Skein Wonder pattern from Glampyre. I’m not sure whether it will flatter me (busty as I am), but I’m keen to give it a shot. My first knitted item with sleeves.

I swatched the yarn I want to use, and it appears I’m right on gauge, pretty remarkable given this is one of my handspun yarns, this gauge stuff is all new to me!

We went to a marvelous gallery opening last night at the Latrobe Regional Gallery*. It was quite an extravaganza with three exhibitions opening at once and tonnes of people.

Contemporary Leftovers – Rehgan De Mather
Unstrung – The Bead in Contemporary Art
Bushwaters, gums and gardens. A close look – Marilyn Close.

I was very impressed by De Mather. I’d seen some earlier work before but his new stuff is much more compelling. His use of texture and layers really sucked me in and I plan to go back for a second look.

Unstrung was a group exhibition curated by the Director of the Latrobe Regional Gallery – Louise Tagart. I particularly enjoyed the peices by Anna Davern, vessels with delicate, organic protusions like growths or tendrils reaching out.

Also wonderful, was a vase made of steel mesh embellished with beads and embroidery by Stephen Gallagher. (Article and Link)
And suprising, was Neon Beads by Patricia Harper, a string of neon beads, you can see it at this link, third photo down.

And to draw this little review to a close, I’l like to say that bush and landscape painting is not all bad news. Marilyn Close has opened my eyes to how wonderful it can be, her ability to capture the bush, textures of bark, light in a garden. Quite wonderful.

*For the sake of disclosure I must add that I am a community rep on the LRG advisory committee. Continue reading

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