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Kiri – A Sneak Peek

An unfortunate mistake required the heartstopping decision to take Kiri off the needle. But every cloud has a silver lining ’cause this allowed the opportunity to get a preview 🙂

I only took her back 4 rows, but given the number of stitches at this stage (last repeat before I launch onto the border) I have been set back a considerable amount… I don’t think I’m gonna have her finished by Friday.

I’ve made more mistakes in this repeat than I have since I started on the second chart. I can’t work it out. I shouldn’t knit when tired is probably a good lesson though.

We had our second meeting with our architect today regarding the renovations. Scary stuff, but so far it is all sounding good. He will get back to us in 2-3 weeks with some concepts. My work mates made fun off me because we are getting an architect to do this for us when we are theoretically capable of doing it ourselves (y’know, being engineers and all). But, it would take us 5 years to get this project finished because we are too absorbed with other stuff and frankly our relationship will be all the better because we have chosen NOT to do this on our own. Believe me. Continue reading

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