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Why it is wonderful to belong to a guild!

The Latrobe Valley Spinners and Handweavers Guild has 12 members. I spend my Wednesday lunch hours with them and it is heaps of fun 🙂 I’m the youngest by a long way, which is cool.

Today I lamenting that I would have to wind the next skein of my lace wool so I can finish off the Kiri shawl. The last skein took me all night to wind into a ball. Anyway, soon I was armed with the guilds swift and ball winder.

I rushed home from work today and in about 45mins … Ta daaaa….

I also wound the lace wool and I couldn’t resist winding the recent purple/silky yarn… I have to stop because I heard that you shouldn’t keep your yarn wound up for too long. Spoil sports.

This Saturday half of us from the guild are going on a road trip to the Paynesville Spin-in. Yay!! I should make up a mixed CD to entertain us… what sort of music would be suitable for a bunch of 80 year old ladies? LOL

Did I tell you that I put my collagraphs in an open printmaking exhibition which opens on Friday night? I think I did… Anyway, I dropped them off yesterday and now I’m really looking forward to the opening… I love openings 🙂 Continue reading

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