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A Bit of Dyeing, a Bit of Knitting…. A Lot of Work

What to do with 250g (8.8oz) merino/silk blend top. Dye it orange of course!

This was a very expensive purchase, it was a toss up between spinning it white or dyeing prior to spinning. I chose to dye first. Mmmm now I have a whole heap of orange 🙂 I’m now wondering how I should spin this up, thick or thin… Is this enough to knit a jumper (sweater) with? (I’ve never knitted one, so I don’t know). It would probably spin up really nice as laceweight, but I’d probably get 3 shawls out of it… how many orange shawls do I need?

On other news, I started a major spinning project today with the silky wool I got at the Bendigo wool show. The wool is treated to make it feel and look silky. It behaves a bit like silk too. I’m spinning it VERY thin, like thread. I don’t have a lace flier so I’m really concentrating on getting adequate twist in my single, I want to 2ply this, but if the twist is inadequate I might have to 3 ply.

I’ve done heaps of work this weekend too. My stresses of a few days ago are dissipating (YAY!!!) A few more hours tonight should set me up well for the coming week. Riscy is using my occupation with work as an excuse to play some stupid computer game ALL day, EVERYDAY. I hate it, such a f#cking useless waste of time. I waste time too, reading romance novels etc but holy crap, the TIME this sucks out of his life. I need to let go of my inner control freak 🙂

Update on Kiri… I realised today that I’ll need to do 12 repeats of the middle chart.. not 10 as I had thought. So I still have a way to go. I spent an hour knitting in the beautiful sunshine this afternoon. Spring is here!!

My sympathy to those in hurricane affected areas of the US. The reports we are getting here are appalling. I can’t believe people are still trapped in buildings. I can’t watch TV (again), things affect me too much. I just hope changes are made to procedures for dealing with these situations in future.

*** Rant Deleted ***

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Little Gem

The silk strand is actually a silk merino blend I spun up a few months ago. The colours were brilliant but muddied up when spun. Also the silk flew all over the place when handled and I’m not keen to spin up the rest of it.

A thought just dawned on me that this might felt up beautifully. Perhaps I’ll just felt up a scarf for myself.

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