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A Thanks and …. a bit of sewing!!!

Thanks for the comments on my last blog post. It suprised me how much better they made me feel. I’m sticking with the philosophy that the only way to get through time cruch work pressures is to WORK WORK WORK. So I’ve been working at home of an evening and plan to work on the weekend… Not something I want to make a habit of. I’m more productive at home, which has been a total suprise, I am one of the worlds greatest procrastinators.

Still I found time to:

It has been a VERY long time since I quilted, this is something I LOVE to do, but for some reason I have been ‘not quilting’ for ages now. Well, last night after the laptop was shut, I started working on the Orange Bag. The bag has a very bold horizontal stripe, but the whole surface will be encrusted with stitching/quilting. This is my favourite thing to do.

The best thing about this is that the bag will be all about the stripe from afar, but on closer inspection a surface rich in texture and delicate in line will become apparent. This is what I like about quilting/embroidery, it has interest for the viewer on so many levels. This is what I hope to achieve anyway 🙂

I’m going to enter my collagraphs in a printmaking show at ARCYinnar next week. They will not be for sale.

I have reached a decision. I won’t be making stuff to sell in the forseeable future. I have found that as soon as I declare my intention to make stuff to sell, my productivity slows right down. Quilted bags and Spinning being cases in point. You know, it is weight off my shoulders to declare this.
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