Daily Archives: August 9, 2005

Ski Weekend and a bit of knitting

Skiing Rocks! I knew I’d love it! We’re expecting some good snow falls this week so I’m hoping we might be able to nip up to our local resort (Mt Baw Baw) next week sometime… the snow there can be a bit patchy and apparently there are only tow bars, not the most elegant mode of transport, but I’d appreciate a bit more practice.

I can’t believe how quickly we all picked it up, we had a 2hr bulk lesson on the first morning (how to put your skis on, how to turn, how to stop, how to snow plow), then a private lesson in the afternoon, where we learned how to swish down the run (ie ski). Our instructor was Japanese with limited english, but he really got us going and ready to face the slopes on our own. Riscy took a bit longer to get it ’til I realised that he needed to crouch a little bit to help his balance, it was like magic and everything pretty much came together for him after that.

It was also great to catch up with my old friends Lynne, Carol, Nathan and Lynne’s partner Roger who flew in from Gladstone, Queensland for the weekend.

We are thinking of all going sea kayaking next year, around Easter time. Riscy and I will need to find a suitable kayak in the meantime. Actually it would be great if we could get one in time for summer so we can get out for a bit of paddling.

In knitting news, I’ve started the Kiri Shawl:

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