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A Computer Holiday

I’ve just had a nice little computer holiday 🙂 But I’ve been busy doing other things like painting (nothing good to show here though), spinning and knitting.

This is some of the yarn I’ve spun up for the big jumper (sweater) project:

This is spun from that yucky felted merino, it is a real pain to work with, but the results are good.

The wave and shell scarf is finished. I didn’t take a photo before I wore it though and I need to reblock it so I can show it here to it’s best advantage.

I’m now just about to start knitting the Kiri Shawl. I tried to join the knit along, but I haven’t been accepted … not sure what that’s about, but I’m not too fussed. I’ll just try it on my own, see how I go. I had thought about the Faux Russion Stole from A Gathering of Lace, but I think Kiri would look better in the white yarn I want to use.

A report on the Eat Local Challenge… I didn’t Officially join the challenge, but we are trying to keep to our pledge anyway. The main problem is that we won’t be able to attend any farmers markets til the middle of the month, so we shopped at the organic grocer on the weekend. We made pumpkin soup, tuna lassagna (using tuna from our pantry…) and beef patties with home made corn salsa, lots of leftovers, very yummy 🙂
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