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Ear Warmers

The navajo plied, continental knitted ear warmers are finished ready for my snowfield adventures in a few weekends.

I know I’ve mentioned it before, but damn, it’s hard to get a good photo of a hat on your own head.

The navajo plyed wool was wonderful. I’m going to ply this way for the big jumper (sweater) project. I’ve gotta start dyeing some wool so I can start spinning.

Continental knitting started off slowly but got faster the more I knitted. I’m not sure if its faster than my conventional knitting technique though. I’ll definitely practice more. The main thing I noticed is that I have a lot of trouble keeping tension with my left hand.

When knitting right handed I wrap the yarn once around my little finger and carry it over my index finger. This doesn’t work with my left hand, the little finger wont cooperate and the yarn is too loose, especially when purling. I’ve settled on a wrap around the hand then a wrap around the little finger, but it’s a bit too tight and my hand gets sore from flexing to let the yarn through.

Last night I had an interesting sewing experience. A lady at work is going to the Darwin Races next week and a big group of her friends are going to wear the same loud, tropical style shirt. It was very unflattering on her. Well, I seem to be the resident expert in all things fabric and even though I don’t know much about sewing clothes I was roped into reconstructing the shirt. I worked completely freestyle, just pinning darts while she wore the shirt and sewing them up freehand. And holy cow, it worked. I had that thing fitting like a glove by the end of the night. LOL

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