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Little Fish Shop

I’m thinking of setting up a little ‘Little Fish Shop’ on my blog. I’ve noticed quite a few members of The Spinning Wheel blog ring are doing or have done the same thing.

I don’t think I’d have a large volume of stuff for sale, but I would like to sell handspun wool. Perhaps some hand dyed superfine merino tops, and maybe some of my handdyed/printed fabric, art and jewellery too.

It would be great if there was a central web location for us to sell our stuff, The Spinning Wheel Co-op, or something. A page that links to our individual blog shops or perhaps a website like a mall with our individual shops selling our cool stuff.

The advantage of this would be that people who would like to purchase handspun yarns and related stuff would have a central place to look, and hopefully lots of goodies to look at. Thus enhancing the chance of us actually selling the occasional skein LOL.

I’ve asked Riscy if this is possible and he reckons it could be done fairly simply using the blog software we currently use and a bit of tweaking.

If anyone is interested in trying this out, email me or leave a comment.


On another note, I’ve been knitting continental style. It was very slow at first, but it is getting faster. I’m knitting a 2×2 rib ear warmer/headband/neckwarmer in preparation for our ski trip in August.

The Wave and Shell Scarf is growing very nicely 🙂 I’m almost through the first skein and I’m not looking forward to winding all that thin yarn into a ball by hand… that’s why I want to set up a shop, so I can try and finance my fibre needs, like a ball winder. I wonder if I would make enough to pay for a loom… Hmmm

We saw Sin City at the cinema tonight. It was very good with the classic Tarantino influence of a time loop and parallel, intertwining stories, it was also so violent that I spent a fair portion of the movie with my eyes closed, I don’t have the stomach for it like I used to. It looked like no film I’d ever seen before, all dark and stylised. Well worth a trip to the movies on Tight Arse Tuesday as long as you are prepared to see more gore than you can really take. Continue reading

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