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Some Linky Goodness

Crochet and Spinning
We caught a documentary on telly the other day. Webcam Girls, was about women who have who have webcams. One of the subjects, had a life outside her webcam which caught my attention and I looked her up on the net to find out more.

Ana Voog spins fibre and freeform crochets, check out her blog and her hat site. She also has a journal for her photographic works, there is a fair bit of nudity, but don’t get squeamish, It really is good stuff.

Embroidery, quilting, felting…
Ana had a link to a textile artist called Anna Torma. Take some time to browse her works. I particularly enjoyed her large scale embroideries and quilts.


I’ve occasionally come across mention of continential knitting in my return to knitting this year. The diagrams I’ve seen are a bit confusing BUT I have hit upon a site which clears all this up, Knitting Videos by Grumperina. YAY!!

I’m gonna try it out because, well, continental does look like it would be faster (Just like Elizabeth Zimmerman wrote in Knitting Without Tears, I just didn’t believe her)

More diagrams can be found at Annie Modesitt’s site. This is something she calls combined knitting, as I haven’t actually tried this with needles and yarn in my hands. I’m a bit fuzzy on the distinction between the two… but all will become clear when I try it out.

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