Daily Archives: July 11, 2005

This Too Shall Pass

Tommorow this journal will be winging its way to Jane in Vancouver, Canada.

I had doubts about whether ‘this too shall pass’ is really advice, its more of a statement… but one that has worked well for me over many years. Bushwalking in Tasmania as a child, knowing that we’d rest at the end of the day, some dark times at university when I didn’t believe that I would get to the end of my engineering degree, doubting every choice I had made, tough months at work, you know these deadlines will come and will soon be a distant memory, the current form of world conflict and unrest, and even our lives and planet in the universe… whoa. Didn’t want to get too deep LOL.

I’m not sure my piece conveys all that, but on a more shallow (and Claire) kind of way I particularly like the tactile effect I achieved by gluing the fabric in… this is gonna be one thick book by the end 🙂 Continue reading

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