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Muckin Around in Photoshop, again.

I had cut snippets of images from an edition of the ArtAlmanac (Byline: Essential Guide to Australian Galleries. $3.00/issue, great value). I assembled the snippets on the bed of my scanner then mucked around with the image in photoshop.

I came across a filter called Pattern Maker, mostly you get crap, but there is an ocassional good one 🙂

asked what spinning in the grease is, and perhaps some of you are also wondering the same thing 🙂

Spinning in the grease is spinning the wool unwashed, with the lanolin still present (or adding grease back in after washing). It spins very nicely as the lanolin lubricates the wool. It smells great too! If you have a dirty fleece with lots of poo and dirt, then it’s probably best to wash first. The fleece I’m working with is very clean with some dirt particles and a little bit of weathering at the tips but virtually no vegtable matter.

I’m planning to heading over to Bendigo for the Australian Sheep and Wool Show next weekend. If any of my readers are also going, please drop me an email or a comment. Perhaps we could meet up for a cuppa. I haven’t organised accommodation yet. That’s on the list today.

Looks like I’m heading for another period of not watching TV. I just can’t stomach the never ending, over the top, sensationalist coverage we get of terrible events. I’ll take my chances with Triple J, they’ll tell me anything I need to know I’m sure.

Here’s another piece of photoshop art:

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