Daily Archives: July 3, 2005

House of Yarn

I’m keen to see how these will look in as a two ply yarn. I’ve recently been spinning lots of beautifully prepared superfine merino tops which has been wonderful. But there is something special about getting a fleece, picking the locks out, giving them a comb and spinning them in the grease. I love the smell of lanolin.

This is the feather and fan variation scarf I’m knitting, Wave and Shell:

I have made a mistake and I can’t decide whether to try and unravel it back or just continue on. At the moment I’m inclined to just continue as I fear that unravelling will just mean I have to start again because it will be impossible to pick up the stitches.

I’m not feeling great at the moment, I’ve got a killer sore throat and I’ve been getting regular overwhelming urges to nap. I just hope I didn’t pass it onto Riscy’s Aunty and Uncle who visited us yesterday 🙁 Continue reading

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