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List Making, Goal Setting and all that Jazz

Penelope Dullaghan has set a list of goals on her blog today. She did the same thing some time ago and is amazed that lots of those things have come to fruition. Hmmmm. I’m gonna try it myself 🙂

What I would like to accomplish in the second half of 2005:

Traditional Quilting
# Work on the KS bed quilt every week to get it done before Chelsea’ wedding.
# Get the binding on that Triple Irish Chain quilt and start using it.

Spinning and Knitting
#Knit a jumper (sweater) from hand spun, hand dyed wool.

# Finish the bag I promised Diane
# Make 3 knitting bags, 3 hand bags, and 5 knitting needle holders for the baazar at TFF Geelong in September.

#Make a large wall peice for the dining room.
#Continue to use my art journal.

Health and Fitness
#I want to be able to run continuously for 30 minutes. I have a plan to accomplish this and a suitable reward thought out 🙂
#Drink Water

#Work on the garden 5 minutes every day
#Keep up with dishes and clothes
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