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Green Merino Handspun Yarn

Thought I’d show you a recent spinning effort.

It turned out way prettier than I thought it would. I don’t think it’ll knit up as yummy as it looks in the skein. Actually, that’s nearly always the way for me. I love the swirl of colours of my skeined yarns, but I know its gonna knit stripey, not as nice 🙁 Continue reading

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I Love Muslin

First let me start by saying that Muslin has a different meaning in Australia than it does in the US, and some other cloths and sewing things have different names too:

Aust. = US
Muslin = ? (Gauze?)
Calico = Muslin
Homespun = Broadcloth? (economical, plain evenweave fabric I dye and use in all my quilts)
Wadding = Batting

Having never been to the US and not knowing any americans or canadians personally, I could have these wrong… I’ve picked it up from learning quilting from the internet 🙂

Here is some muslin I dyed on the weekend. Its so light and airy and crinkly and soft and bright… I love Muslin.

I bought 2 metres of this fabric a few weekends ago when I had a bee in my bonnet to try nuno felting. I’ve lost interest a bit in the nuno felting now, I want to use the soft, light properties of the muslin as it is. It’ll have to wait ’til I get back from Fiji though ;-).

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Book Goodies

We dropped into Chadstone yesterday, I nearly bought a set of crockery, but really, we should spend our money on getting some chairs for our dining table…. I hate being rational.

I then ummed and ahhhhed over the purchase of a new mobile phone. Didn’t get one in the end.

Ventured into Borders. Mmmmm Knitting. I couldn’t resist:

I took A gathering of Lace into work and sneaked peeks at it all day :-0 It’s a lovely book, I’d have to commit to a major spinning and knitting extravaganza, so maybe I’ll put it off ’til later in the year as I’d like to attempt a jumper (sweater) first.
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