Daily Archives: May 26, 2005

Art in Meetings

I sat in a meeting today, a meeting I participated in quite a bit, but I also went prepared with some paper scraps and a purple and green pens. I was multitasking. Doing art while doing meetings 🙂

I was doodling around with textures and colour mainly. Being prepared with the blank scraps meant that instead of wasting my time scribbling on agenda or report pages, I could just take the little bits of paper home and stick them in my journal.

I gave blood this afternoon, now I’m feeling a little woozy. I don’t know if it would be related to the fact that I registered a low blood pressure. It’s the first time I’ve ever had a low BP, I don’t know what caused it but it didn’t seem to worry the nurses.

Talking of the nurses, I think I offended the one looking after me. She stated with total confidence that Schapelle Corby was innocent, and I responded by saying that I couldn’t tell since I don’t know all the evidence, she was a bit dismissive of me after that 😉 One thing I do know though is that I’ll be doing something to secure my baggage on my way to Fiji in a few weeks. Continue reading

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