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Claire. Plan before Dyeing

I’ve had excellent cotton dyeing results using Adriene Buffington’s book Hand Dyed Fabric Made Easy. I don’t follow the book 100% but I normally chart out my plans prior to dyeing and generally achieve a beautiful range of coloured fabrics to add to my meagre stash.

Today I decided to experiment, go with the flow, splash some dye here, splash some dye there. I ended up with metres upon metres of utter crap. I am now the proud possessor of much burgandy/maroon fabric and a few metres of greyish/purpley fabric and various miscellaneous pieces I’m not too sure about.

hruuumph 🙁 Only two larger pieces have promise and there may be a few khakis that I have a little bit of inspiration for.

Since I try to provide a photorific blog, here is a scan of a pinky greeny fabric from today’s disaster:

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