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And Now for Something COMPLETELY Different

Today has been filled with wonderful creativity, check out what is drying on my fridge right now:

Bird and the Tree

In addition to the linocut, I did heaps of painting. This is another version of the Bird and The Tree.

I also finished the orange stripy scarf (no pics) and started writing a romance novel LOL Seriously, I’ve written about 300words. Normally my writing sends even me to sleep, but I’m really enjoying this one so far. I’ve probably attempted 5 novels since the age of 15, and this is the most I’ve ever written on any of them! 🙂

I also washed a heap of fabric for a dyeing session tommorow.

Tori Amos in concert was pretty cool, very intense. I’m not taken with her new album, The Beekeeper and she (of course) played a lot from it, but she mixed it up with some of her older stuff which was great. She had an organ and a grand piano facing each other and even played them both at the same time which made for a very physical, gymnastic performance.

My favourite album of hers is Boys for Pele, I listened to it today just to reaffirm that I LOVE TORI :-), It’s been a long relationship, but I’m still committed (as long as I don’t have to listen to The Beekeeper too often). Continue reading

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