Daily Archives: May 15, 2005


I’m not 100% happy with this piece. But, wasn’t I just saying recently that I need to accept the crap with the good otherwise nothing would be created at all?

Matchstick Bracelet


I wouldn’t go so far as saying this is totally crap, but it isn’t a strong as I would like. I like the grid type arrangement in the previous pieces, so I’ll probably try a few more like that. The main aspect of this piece was that it was too ‘candy’ coloured and I needed to add a lot more stitching to tone it down.

What I do like about the piece, and the others, is that it has a nice textured surface. You probably can’t see it from the scan here, but each matchstick is padded with it’s own sliver of batting (wadding). This does mean that I have to add a fair bit of stitching anyway to cover up bits of white showing up the sides of the sticks.

Where is everyone this weekend? I’m still unsubscribed from the QA list so I rely on my blog buddies to keep me entertained LOL.

Actually I don’t miss QA much, so I don’t see myself subscribing again soon. I figure that the best thing was for me to MAKE work rather than spending my time reading other people get narky with one another. And I could never participate in that list as I HATE it when people get narky with me 🙂 Continue reading

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