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Gallery Opening, Road Trip and Jewels

The gallery opening was great, best one I’ve been to for a little while.

The works were truely wonderful. The artist, Jenny Peterson, is a printmaking lecturer at Monash Uni in Churchill and obviously much loved by the art stalwarts of the area. I’m very new to this scene so I went armed with few preconceptions and was blown away by the lovely work, her box series was particularly good.

ALSO, my jewel 😉 earned me quite a few comments and offers of putting some in various gallery shops. I had to laugh as I’ve made a grand total of 2 ‘objects’ so far. Still it’s nice to hear such things.

About 9 O’clock last night Riscy was called into work and didn’t get home ’til 4am, so I slept badly thinking he had run off the road on the way home (you mustn’t blame me, I spent a fair portion of work time last week reading crash reports, which always sends my imagination into overdrive).

Whilst Riscy got his beauty sleep this morning, I had a little road trip down to Yinnar to visit the ARC Gallery. A lovely little town and a nice arts facility. I tried to buy some earrings but we couldn’t get the big glass cabinets open… It was quite comical us pushing and pulling on the glass door. There was also some fantastic (and reasonably priced) pottery displayed, I would have whipped out the credit card, but with our trip overseas next month, I thought the better of it. Continue reading

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