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A Finished Object, Motivation and Fitness

First, I want to show you a simple little bag I finished tonight. It is 25cm (10″) high, from tip of handle to bottom, and 20cm (8″) wide at the base. The body of the bag is made up with the left over fabric I quilted for another bag recently.

I’m going to the Geelong Textile Fibre Forum this year for the first time. I’m going on my own so I hope I’ll be able to make some friends along the way 🙂 Anyway, in a fit of insanity I signed up to have half a table for the bazaar.

I’ve written out a number of lists of things I could make and I think my main ‘thing’ will be bags and perhaps quilted jewllery (similar to the item featured in my last post). I aim to complete 10 bags. But, not just any bags, I’m keen to make them very original, art type pieces… this one doesn’t really qualify, but it’s a good warm up piece.

I’ve also been asked by an aquaintance to make her a bag. She wants one like the bag I use every day, but I really want to do something more complex so I can refine my techniques, I told her that and she is fine with it, so I’m revved to go.

Motivation: I seem to have more engagement making ‘things’ like bags, jewellery etc rather than 2 dimensional wall pieces. I know I’ve mentioned here previously that I am interested in the idea of quilted jewllery and the little quilted, then appliqued, bird on the amulet has given me some confidence there.

So I’m going to focus on these areas (things) for the time being. NOT in a craft way, these pieces must be totally original and pushing my boundaries, this was the hard decision I took a 2-3 months ago (to follow an artistic path), and also why I’ve seen a decline in my productivity relating to a lack of confidence, fear of failure and thinking every piece must be a totally wonderful. I know I’m not alone here LOL!!!

Fitness: In one month we will be in Fiji, kayaking for 10 days. Recently I have been riding my bike to work so I can get some fitness. This morning I went riding with a group of people from work (for the 2nd time). This meant I was up and riding before dawn. I’m not a morning person. But it is good for my fitness and I actually enjoyed it (apart from the sore bum part).
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