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Amulet Challenge

It seems like forever ago that I signed up for the Amulet Challenge hosted by Becky Kelly. It’s a round robin format with four participants in each group. The moment has now come, I’ve started my necklace and attached the first amulet:

The Amulet is about 1.5″x2″, so in effect, a really tiny quilt 🙂 The bird is my rendition of the west african symbol ‘Sankofa’, my take on it is that you must learn from the past, or, as I have written on the back of the amulet ‘don’t forget’.

Thanks to Elle who pointed me to this site the other day after I mentioned the symbol in my blog 🙂

A little journal will accompany this necklace and I’ll also include some scraps of fabric etc. Note, this is just the bottom bit of the necklace, I’ll attach it to some string so I can loop it around my neck.

Sorry I’ve been such a boring blogger lately. It’s bloody hard to stay focused.

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