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dyeing Merino Wool – Lessons Learned

Last night I tried my hand at dyeing merino top in the microwave using Landscaped dyes. The colours came out great, but my treatment of the wool after dyeing caused some felting. This stuff is so fine you just have to look at it sideways and it felts. In future I will allow the wool to cool naturally and I will not even squeeze water through it.

Here are some pics of the results:

I was up very early this morning for our inaugural bike group bike ride. It was about 18km from start to finish, so I feel it was a very reasonable effort since it is over 2 years since I last rode.

I need to get some fitness back for our sea kayaking trip to Fiji in June. I’m working to lose about 4kg too, as my weight has crept back up a bit over the last few months, so far so good 🙂

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