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Tiny Paintings

Yesterday I received a little package in the mail from my sister. We have recently been sending bits of art to each other. I love sending her stuff but even more fun is getting something 🙂

I have previously written about her status as a ‘non practicing artist’. This was totally based on my impression that she was struggling find time and energy to create art. However, I was suprised to hear last month that she has a little show happening at a hairdressers in North Hobart.

She does little paintings, between 2cm and 4cm square. Then she tapes them together so they look a bit mosaic or patchwork like. She sent me a tiny folder of her tiny paintings and here they are:

Art by Megan Collidge

These are her ‘reject’ squares, but quite precious all the same. I’m gonna buy one of the pieces from her exhibition.

I was so tired last night after my two day trip to Omeo. I was in bed and asleep by 8:30. When in Omeo I stopped into Benambra Blue for a look and walked out with some of her beautiful handmade soaps and 250g of undyed Merino Silk Blend combed top. It was pretty expensive, but I couldn’t resist.

I also spent my lunch hour at the Latrobe Valley Spinners and Handweavers Guild. What a great bunch of people. I’m sad to say that I will miss both the Back to Back Challenge AND the Traralgon Spin In – I’ll be on a sea kayaking expedition in Fiji… so I shouldn’t complain.

Lets not talk about my quilting, or lack thereof. This week is a write off. I’ve got too much going on. I’ve just got to accept it an look forward to next week. Continue reading

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