Daily Archives: April 16, 2005

Another beanie FINISHED!

Well, I’m getting pretty fast at this. This photo was taken last night at about 1am, I’d drunk a hell of a lot, but I also finished this beanie. I feel crap this morning, totally self inflicted.

Yay!!! it fits and I like it alot 🙂 I spun up this yarn myself and I’m very happy with how it knitted up, very happy!

I’ve resisted up til now, but here is a photo of my darlin’ Lucy.

I thought I’d share this quilt with you. It’s at that touch and go stage that nearly every project goes through. I’m not overly taken with it…. but I’ll push on.

This is the quilt after a two sessions. I think I still have a bit more cutting to do before I start quilting, and I may add some different coloured line elements. Still undecided.

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