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Before I start this very long blog post, I thought I’d show you the painting I did last night:


Today started out so good. I got up at about 7:30, read some blogs, ate some porridge, had a cup of peppermint tea.

The morning was glorious, so I headed out in my night shirt and slip on sandles and pruned back all the plants (roses and Salvias) that we wanted to transplant into the new beds.

Then I went inside, had a shower, woke Riscy up and headed off to the quilt exhibition and to get some manure for the garden.

I was an hour early for the exhibition, but they let me in anyway 🙂 My quilts looked like they had just come out of their bags, they looked ‘not flat’. Oh well, I wasn’t too stressed. Almost everything else was very country and beginner level stuff.

My trip to the garden centre was very fruitful, normally I wander around and buy very little, but today lots of stuff jumped into my basket, including a beautiful orange chrysanthemum.

Headed home. Riscy had already started digging up the roses, it was also started to get very hot and the temperature did get over 30 deg C (around 90F), which isn’t great for plants in shock.

We worked pretty steadily ’til noon, then I popped down to get some lunch as we had nothing in the house.

Riscy got called into work. I knitted ’til he rang me at about 3pm to remind me that the plants would need to be planted out otherwise they would die in the heat and that we have about 5 loads of washing to do.

Feeling guilty I headed out to do everything. Very soon after that a big storm hit, it was very windy, very wet and I worked in it until 6 this evening. I got all the beds raked, all the plants planted (7 mature roses, 2 salvias and about 40 potted plants), manure spread, lucerne hay distributed. All whilst soaked to the skin.

I’m glad everything is done, but I’m really tired now. The dog is very dirty and sitting on the couch, Riscy isn’t home yet, there is still no food in the house, the washing isn’t done. Whhhaaaaaaa 🙁

If you got this far, thanks for reading.

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