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A big hello to you from the back seat of the little plane I flew in this morning:

New Plantations in the Strzelecki Ranges

The flight went well. Although it was a beautiful cloudless sky, there was a lot of smoke in the air due to various bushfires/burnoffs around the area, not least of which being the fire at Wilsons Promontory.

It was a treat to see a plan view of the Latrobe Valley with it’s power stations, coal mines and paper mill. The townships were very interesting to see too. We headed over the Strzelecki Ranges towards the coast, where we could see the new (controversial) wind farms and the coastline off in the distance.

The plane we were on was very tiny(4 seats), and very old. But I felt pretty safe the whole time. It’d be wonderful to have a licence and access to a plane so we could pop over to Tasmania whenever we felt like it. (If money were no object, of course!!). Continue reading

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