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When Taking your Knitting to Work Really Pays off

Sorry this site was offline for a while today. There must have been a power outage which turned my computer/server off.

Now, onto the story. I took my knitting to work today as I was out in the field again and I knew I would have a 15 minutes to fill in after lunch.

So yes I did get a nice 15 minutes in. Then I continued on with the rest of my working day.

I was rushing back up the freeway trying to get back to Traralgon by 5pm so I could drop my quilts off for the show this weekend. Murphy’s Law kicked in and I got a flat tyre. After calling Roadside Assistance to come out and change the bloody thing I climbed up the batter with my knitting and happily amused myself ’til the guy turned up and whilst he was working.

I almost wished he didn’t work so quickly. It was very, very pleasant.

We’re off to a BBQ tonight. Tommorow morning we are taking a 1/2 hour joy flight, then we will be working like trojans in the garden for the rest of the weekend. We’ve hired a rotary hoe to help us make the new garden beds (the ground is very hard and dry at the moment). Continue reading

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