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Lookee lookee!!!!

Before I launch into photos of the very exciting delivery I got today from TreeTops Colour I want to tell you that using my sewing machine is not as fool proof as I imagined. I taught Riscy to use the machine on the weekend and now I’m in the market for a new bobbin case. Perhaps freemotion quilting was too ambitious for his first sewing experience since grade 7. I think I can still sew ok with it, but it is damaged.

OK, without further ado, I’ll launch into photo yum yum:

250g of Merino Top in heaps of colours. I think I’ll spin this into a wild veriagated extravaganza. I don’t have a project in mind for the finished product.

ORANGE – I love orange 🙂 I’ve got 250g of this stuff. I’m thinking I’ll knit a big generous scarf and a matching hat.

Silk Silk Silk. I love this stuff, I hope it spins up as well as I think it will. I’ve got some beautiful grey merino that I might ply with it. I don’t have a project in mind, but I’m hoping to spin it very finely so maybe I can try my hand at lace.

I also got 1kg of beautiful undyed merino tops so I can dye some myself. It’s gonna sit for a while so I can spin the beautiful colours I’ve got already.

And some skeins I plied on the weekend.

The yellowy, off white is plyed with mainly green and at the end of the skein there is a veriagated red from some left overs I had laying around. I think I’ll knit this into a beanie.

A very light greeny yellow plyed with a yellowy, off white merino. I think I’ll knit this into a mobius scarf.

I also plied up a skein of the angora/alpaca verigated single with the light yellowy merino. I’ve already rolled it into a ball and I attempted to cast on about five times last night. And bloody hell I’m a bad knitter. My ambitions far outstrip my abilities. But I will persist. I want to use this yarn I’m spinning! Continue reading

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