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About the Bag

Just a quick note in response to some comments about the bag I made for Sophie.

Karoda, it is not coincidence that the surface has a ‘road map’ feel. I use maps all the time in my job as a road engineer, and sometimes I wonder if I should have gone into cartography because I love maps of all kinds (I thought about becoming a surveyor for the same reason). I’ve been mulling over how I could make a piece which gives the feel of topography or the feel of a map. I like what I did with the bag and now I’m working on making a larger piece and taking it further.

Lisa asked about my technique. Its reverse applique, raw edge (so Sophie may have to give it an occasional haircut). I layered 2 fabrics together over the batting (I love Matilda’s Own). I stiched a loose grid over the fabric (including the wavy lines) Then I started to cut out the negative shapes. The tricky part for me was working out when to stop cutting. The quilting is my favourite part, I suppose it borders on embroidery and sometimes that’s how I describe it.

Construction of actual bag was time consuming. When I started making them, I had a simple way of making the bags, but now I’ve got more complex with the 3D construction. And this is from someone who vowed less than 4 months ago that I would never make a quilted bag as I HATED them. LOL! Continue reading

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