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Sophie’s Bag

Check out this fantastic Blog: Daily Dose of Imagery. When I grow up I want to be a photographer like this guy. I’ve just got to start taking photos consistently. Riscy and I have been talking about setting up a joint photography blog, I’ll let you know when we have it set up.

Sophie’s bag is in the mail and she would like to see it on my blog before she even gets it!! 🙂

So, Sophie, I hope you like it. It is my favourite bag so far and it was hard to give away.

Tonight, I’m going to continue spinning the mohair angora fibre I started last weekend. I hope to ply it with some black alpaca fibre that Bev gave me on Tuesday. I hope there’ll be enough, otherwise I might have to beg her for some more 🙂

Sometimes I wonder about my job. Today I found myself driving at very slow speeds on the fast lane shoulder of the Princes Freeway (Gippsland). I did have a little flashing light and I was using the hazard lights, but I didn’t feel great about it. Half the time I diverged into the median, it’s been pretty dry here this month so there wasn’t too much chance of getting bogged. We got all our initial scoping work done today though, so hopefully there will only be a few quick site visits to finish off our project.

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