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This was going to be a blog with no photos. But…

I decided to show you some photos of our picnic yesterday. I’ve been sewing, but I can’t show you yet, because it is for my swap with Sophie.

We decided that since our camping didn’t happen we should at least have a picnic, so yesterday we packed a couple of salad rolls (made up with lettuce, tomato, Tasmanian Smoked Salmon (check out the link for some yummy looking receipes) and King Island Dairy Blue Cheese and some Cascade Apple Isle (no link, sorry LOL)

This is the lake at the park

This the predominant type of bird residing in the lake and surrounding wetland. I don’t know what they are called, but they are quite handsome.

Our dog, Reuben, thought the birds were handsome too. This was pretty funny to watch, Riscy didn’t find it amusing.

I am very excited by the quilting I did on Sophie’s bag and I’m keen to try something similar on a larger piece of wall art for my dining room. I’m not sure if it will translate sucessfully into a larger piece though, but I’m definitely gonna give it a try.

Sophie, I would have declared the bag finished, but there is a problem with the handle, its the wrong length. Too short to cross shoulder to hip across the torso, too wide to work as a straight handle just too tooo tooooo….. I’m sure you understand. I have to unpick and rethink. I took it to work for a second opinion (we’re a bunch of engineers, but we still like our accessories!). I think two short handles would be best for this bag and will allow the (pretty intense) quilting to be shown off best. I’ll do that tommorow night.

I returned my borrowed spinning wheel tonight, allowing me to have another chin wag with Bev and Ian. Bev had knitted up a heap of these Ear Flap Hats with Colinette yarn. YUMMO One day I’m gonna be a knitter of THINGS THAT FIT.

Did I tell you that the beret doesn’t fit anymore. I washed it and it got huge. Then I tried to felt it and its still huge. I’m gonna have to sew some elastic in the rim to try and make it work.

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