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What Bliss

Just a quick note to say that I”M SEWING!!!! No wonder I was having major withdrawals, this is heaven.

Sophie, your bag is coming along nicely 🙂

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My well ordered existance

As promised here on this blog yesterday. I ventured into my sewing room to tidy up the mess that has been festering there for a few months. I get into a frenzy of creativity; fabric and ‘stuff’ gets flung all over the place and then the lull happens, no tidying occurs, junk gets thrown in when visitors are coming and before I know it I am paralysed by not having a serene, well ordered place to work.

Here is a little glimpse. Before and After:

My sewing room in disarray. It has been getting intolerable for a few months!

Relief. I can breathe again.

That box on the floor is the extent of my stash. I don’t need a huge one since I dye pretty much all the fabric I use, so I can dye more as needed. I discovered I have a lot of purples and pinks, I will overdye a fair chunk of it I think.

In the ‘before’ shot, you can see a washing basket on my desk, that was part of the stash prior to organisation today.

I threw out a heap of scraps I was keeping. I couldn’t be bothered putting them into any sort of order, so they were chucked. Without regret.

How cleansing.

Since I was in the mood. I unsubscribed from a number of mailing lists…. Including QuiltArt. I will resubscribe in a few weeks. But I need a break. Those of you on that list can understand how overwhelming it can be. At the moment I prefer the more gentle world of blogs.

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